WorldGuard vs virtual destroyers

Of course, the administration servers are struggling with riverston (representing a kind of compilation of trolling, pillaging, and major vandalism) in its methods, in an effort to protect users from such dishonest players. Against such violators, they are daring the ban, and some of the system white-lists ("whitelists").

However, much more effective is another way to install it on the server plugin WorldGuard. It will allow gamers to partly care about the safety of their own virtual property (primarily buildings and stored in valuable resources). This plugin adds the possibility of private areas, in the first place - their homes.

Minecraft is available in different variants of implementation of such tasks, which depend largely on the characteristics of the particular server. Some in that regard, I prefer the simpler. They "privatize" specific things in your house - for example, a chest with valuable resources (like diamonds or obsidian), the stove, the door of a dwelling, etc.

Is similar simply. In the chat you will need to enter the command /cprivat and click the right mouse button on the object that you want to leave zariadenim. If desired, you can set a password - then even at the door (if it is "private") to enter a stranger can not. To do this, just the command /cpassword and with a space to specify the desired access to the subject the combination of symbols. When the gamer himself needs to open zapryazhennuyu thing, he just writes /cunlock, and then points to a previously programmed password.

"Privatization" of large scale

However, not always the above action is enough for any serious protect your home from griefers. Those can easily get around such a "point" private - for example, to go into a home not through the door, and broke a window any other way. If they won't even be able to open the chest when he suprefact, they are able to cause very different damage.

How can I do? To protect the special command of every detail of the house and its environment? No, because the implementation of such tasks will be very tedious and time-consuming. Much easier another way to set the private to the site, which is housing.

Moreover, if the server rules allow for such, is privatethe it from corner to corner, and capture, and a portion of the space around him. Such is essential, because in recent years, cases of "hijacking" of the house. The griefers from using a cunning system of housing the pistons push the other player outside sapevatelo plot, and from there his ruin.

In order to prevent such an unwanted scenario, you should pick up the wood axe (if the inventory is not available, you can invoke it by typing in chat //wand) and click it on the corner point of the upper border of the selected area. To commemorate it easier, it is necessary to erect there a pillar (a bit taller the dwelling of a gamer ) from the sandy or earthen blocks. Then similarly, an ax, another point is located diagonally from the first, in the lower part of the plot. If a player is all done correctly, the house will be inscribed in a cuboid, illuminated red grid coordinates.

Another way to mark territory - just to get first to point a (with team chat //pos 1), and after a point In (//pos 2). Such action of the axe is not required. There is a third method indicate the boundaries of "privatization". Here you only need to flip the sight alternately on the above points, introducing each time the command accordingly //hpos 1 //hpos 2.

After applying any of the above methods, the selected region will need to give a name. For this chat fits /rg claim and through the gap by the gamer name of your sapevatelo of the site. Now to destroy the blocks only for the owner himself.