Make a young man proud of you. For boyfriend's of great importance how the girl is treated by others. If his friends will consider you smart, beautiful, charismatic, young man would be proud of you.
Make sure your appearance. Men love with their eyes! Try to always be in good shape, fashionable and neatly dressed. Don't forget about appropriate makeup and beautiful hairstyle.
Be nice and friendly. Nothing alienates people like arrogant, Moody facial expression. If you're trying to impress with their extravagance, know the measure. Don't get too shock others.
Act natural, don't pretend. Simulated the behavior immediately catches the eye, and the guy will doubt your sincerity. No one wants to see Cutesy Flirty. And in any case do not try to hide his shyness for deliberate rudeness. This will only scare your favorite.
Become an interesting person. For this you need to develop your intellectual level, to read more, interested in cultural life. It will be nice if you will support the interests of his friend and understand the issues. Because of this you will be able to maintain a conversation in a circle of close friends.
Be weak. A man needs to feel like your protector and support. If you do everything independently and strongly emphasize that I don't need anyone's help, then the guy will not desire to take care of you, cherish. In the future you will have to solve all your problems. And the guy in this case will cease to be perfect.
Respect the opinion of the young man and listen to his advice. If you do not agree with him in some matter, don't argue categorically and emphatically. This way you can humiliate your friend. Objection it is better to speak in a soft, tactful manner.
Don't forget about education and work. You must have your own interesting life, career. Think about whether your friend is such a perfect girl like you.