You will need
  • A new wardrobe
  • Ideas for seducing her husband
To be sexy for husband easy help and beautiful clothes and underwear. Just never ask a man if you look fat in certain clothing. Any uncertainty in the exterior makes you less sexy.
Day wear clothes that fits you well. Wear jeans good cut, not too narrow and not too wide. Wearing blouses showing the contours of your body.
Jeans, sandals with heels, a flattering blouse – simple but sexy. And you truly believe in yourself, thanks to the numerous looks of male passers-by.
Be sexy for husband you can, if yourself feel sexy. The way you speak, how you smile, how you laugh – all you need to do sexy. Even if you don't feel like this, just pretend. And you will see how to change you against your husband and other men.
Do sexy things. Try doing what normally would not. For example, take a bubble bath with her husband, meet him after work completely naked or at dinner in the restaurant tell him that you do not have underwear.
To be sexy for husband, sexy make over your home. Simple things like a dimmed light, candlelight dinner or by the fireside - it's all very exciting impact on both of you and will return you to your former passion.