Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries though, and leave in the past, giving way to the more recent achievements, but still very popular and are often found in various devices. After purchase, check whether the battery some charge. If Yes, then it is necessary to spend. And only when the battery icon flashes or the unit has just shut off, you can start charging. Connect the battery to the charger and leave it to charge for 12-16 hours. It is most convenient to do it at night when the unit is just would be worthless, and no they won't.
After full charge again, discharge the battery until the very end, and again charge until it stops. Repeat these steps 3-4 times. It will serve as a distillation of the battery. Now you can use the battery normally. But still, try to stick with a full charge and discharge. It helps the Nickel battery to last longer.
A newer, better battery – lithium ion (Li-Ion). It does not require acceleration. They can immediately use in normal mode. However, try to stick to the following scheme: a new battery will discharge almost until the end (until you flash the battery icon). Without waiting for turning off the apparatus, attach the battery to the charger. Charging you can devote up to 20 hours. Properly charging the battery first and at all subsequent times, you will help him to work longer and save more energy.