You will need
  • Battery, memory.
Widely known method of "acceleration" of the battery. But it is suitable only for Nickel based power sources. When using lithium-ion batteries, this method will have slightly altered. After purchase, check if there's still charge in the battery. If there is, proceed to discharge. Faster all this is done in conversation mode, listening music, photographing, video shooting, GPRS, high brightness settings for the display. The phone must be discharged so that the battery icon started flashing, warning of the depletion of energy.
Now you can put the device on charging. Wait until the indicator show full charge. Can continue charging for a while. Try not to use the device while charging its battery. For example, if you charge the phone, try not to call him and make and nobody call, i.e. charge the phone in off state.
Working time li-ion battery may vary depending on the intensity of use of the apparatus and environmental conditions. In the cold, for example, the battery will spend a lot more resources than warm. Use the built-in flash on the camera will lead to increased power consumption. GPRS enabled, MP3 player, radio, etc. in a cell phone also reduce the battery life.