A lot of rites to increase the well-being associated with the lunar cycle. Seeing emerging a month (1-2 days according to the lunar calendar), say Hello and thank him – a month you will thank me for the respect gift! It is very important where to place the moon in the sky. According to legend, saw the young hammer on your right, will have the whole month to income.

Will help to attract money into your life conspiracy of the purse: "As stars in the sky a lot, as the water in the sea enough, and my purse that had a lot of money and always enough. Amen." Be sure to shake a full purse at the sight of the newborn months. Fit and one coin – hold it in your hand and looking at the growing moon, make a wish. This simple rite will ensure the flow of money throughout the month.

There are many beliefs on how to attract good luck and money in the magical Christmas night. So the new year has brought material well-being, at the first stroke of the clock shrink in the left hand a coin and make a wish. Put a coin in a glass of wine and drink to the bottom. Do it in the hole and wear as an amulet.

That year was a successful, properly serve a festive table. The menu should be refined and varied for each plate should be put on a white coin. Celebrate the New year with money in their pockets, and also good if you will have new underwear, new tights (socks), new shoes, new hairstyle, make – whole year will be in the money.