Skoronski ritual biography of the billionaire"

Sit at the Desk and write his detailed biography. Tell us about how you've made unprecedented success. Imagine that your biography is required for tomorrow's interview with the journalist of "Forbes". Describe your childhood, how you started your path to success. Don't be afraid – be creative as you can. In detail tell about all the things you own, earn our first million. Thoughts expressed on paper will give you these opportunities that you previously didn't even dare to dream.

Magic wallet

Buy beautiful and expensive purse. It is necessary that you very much liked. Now place a certain amount of money and make a wish. For example, you want to buy any shoes. Go to the store and buy the kind of shoes that you've always wanted to buy, paying for it with money out of your magic wallet. Now your wallet is charged for fulfillment of desires, it has become magical.

Now put him in a thank-you note with words of gratitude for what he helped you. From this point you can at any time write down your requests and put them in your magic purse, which is able to grant wishes. Don't forget all the time to thank your magical thing and that it helps you in life.

The lure for money

To create a decoy for the money, take the phone charger and recharge it your wallet. Think of that, so you magnetizes money, so they began to attract their brethren. Do not forget to repeat this ritual from time to time.

Virus reproduction

You can create a dangerous money a virus which mad is able to multiply your money. Fill the syringe of the water and solemnly declare that it is the "virus propagation", which is very easy to catch. Be sure to wear cotton-gauze bandage and take a shot of each available to you in the presence of, the bill. Now your money is infected with a virus multiplication and will soon begin to actively proliferate.

Red panties on the chandelier

This is perhaps the most famous skoronski ritual to attract money. Panties need to be new and solid, bright red color. By the way, the red color in magic is a powerful conduit of the monetary energy.

It is recommended to perform this skoronski ritual during the full moon. Put the red panties on the chandelier with the words: "Panties on the chandelier – money in the house!"

The people who conducted the ritual, saying that it is very efficient and effective way to attract money energy in the house. The main thing is to warn husband about what you going to do differently if once, returning home, he sees the red panties hanging on the chandelier, you can think of something very bad.