Advice 1: What to do when the moon is waxing

The moon is a constant companion of humanity since the beginning of its existence. Ancient people were afraid of her glittering disk in the dark sky, the lovers have dedicated poems to her and shared with her their experiences, and sorcerers, and mages were given magical powers. Today it is scientifically proven that the Moon has the strongest influence on the movement of the water of the oceans, regulates the tides and it controls our mood. How to use this influence and to cause the moon to help themselves?
What to do when the moon is waxing
Waxing moon – a time of renewal and action. In this period we need to build grandiose plans, to dream about love, wealth and seen the pictures in fashion magazines. In fact all of your ideas and projects, designed and written at this time, gain more power and have the potential to be realized in the near future. The growth phase of the moon is a time of heightened activity, it is therefore now easier for us to manage all that on the waning moon could cause big difficulties.

Remember one simple rule – everything from what you get on the growing moon, will come back to you doubled and much faster. The haircut made in this period will enable you to grow hair, so if you don't want a couple of weeks again to go to the hairdresser, bring the hair into the form on the waning moon. But for those who grows hair the waxing moon is the best time to get rid of split ends and give hair a well-groomed appearance. By the way, the same rule applies to the removal of excess hair – in any case do not do it on the growing moon, or risk getting the exact opposite result.

When the moon grows stronger all microbiological processes. This is a great time for fermentation of cabbage and pickling cucumbers. But jam is better not to cook – it can spoil quickly. If you have a garden plot or are you interested in planting greenery on the windowsill of their own, it is useful to know that the sowing and transplanting is always better to implement it on the growing moon. Plants, like all living organisms, more rapidly growing and developing during this period, so easier to tolerate small damage and stress.

All manipulations associated with purification, getting rid of the junk and dumping the old on the growing moon, to no good result. But the benefit will go shopping, rehabilitation after illness or exhausting diets and procedures aimed at toning. Human performance on the growing moon increases several times so that you can engage in fitness, aerobics or Jogging in the fresh air. But with the uncontrolled eating of everything will stop your account, you should be extremely cautious. It is now easier to gain weight because the body actively collects everything he might need.

But the best thing you can do on the growing moon is to fall in love. According to astrology, these relationships become the most prolonged and may develop into the present strong feeling.

Advice 2 : How to attract money with the help of the moon

Say the Lord to every person defines the life of money and it should last for years. But not everyone can find a way to make your "bag" money. In order to have enough money for a decent life, you have to love the job they do. There are also rituals that you can use to attract money into your home.
How to attract money with the help of the moon

A lot of rites to increase the well-being associated with the lunar cycle. Seeing emerging a month (1-2 days according to the lunar calendar), say Hello and thank him – a month you will thank me for the respect gift! It is very important where to place the moon in the sky. According to legend, saw the young hammer on your right, will have the whole month to income.

Will help to attract money into your life conspiracy of the purse: "As stars in the sky a lot, as the water in the sea enough, and my purse that had a lot of money and always enough. Amen." Be sure to shake a full purse at the sight of the newborn months. Fit and one coin – hold it in your hand and looking at the growing moon, make a wish. This simple rite will ensure the flow of money throughout the month.

There are many beliefs on how to attract good luck and money in the magical Christmas night. So the new year has brought material well-being, at the first stroke of the clock shrink in the left hand a coin and make a wish. Put a coin in a glass of wine and drink to the bottom. Do it in the hole and wear as an amulet.

That year was a successful, properly serve a festive table. The menu should be refined and varied for each plate should be put on a white coin. Celebrate the New year with money in their pockets, and also good if you will have new underwear, new tights (socks), new shoes, new hairstyle, make – whole year will be in the money.

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