Advice 1: How to attract love, money and success with the help of the full moon

Is the full moon you can make the most effective rituals to attract good luck, prosperity and happiness in your personal life. At this time, thoughts and desires can easily become a reality and people can affect their fate.
How to attract love, money and success with the help of the full moon

The ritual to attract love in full moon

You are in love and want to achieve reciprocity, or relationship with a lover you started having problems? Try to carry out a ritual to attract love, and perhaps your personal life will start to improve.

During the full moon take two new identical candles. Put them on the windowsill. Concentrate and think carefully about how you want to fix in their relationship, then clearly specify your desire and write it down on a sheet of paper. Light the candles, let one of them symbolizes you and the other your loved one. Tear the leaf, where it says desire in half. One part of the burn on his candle and the other over the candle, which symbolizes your beloved.

Wait until your candle will not burn out, and go to sleep. Before going to sleep again, think about your favorite person and imagine how you'll feel happy. If you have conceived will come true in the near future.

Ritual to attract money in a full moon

The full moon will fill your purse with money. Not necessarily that it was bills of large denomination, the main thing is to fill a wallet to capacity, the. He barely closed. You create energetically charged subject which should be put on the windowsill in the full moon night. Ask the moon to your house never came financial problems and you would not know the needs. Leave the wallet on the window sill and the next day do not take money from him.

A ritual for the fulfillment of a cherished desire

Here does not need to perform any rituals, just before going to sleep make a wish and send all your energy on the full moon. The main thing - it is good to concentrate and try to sleep with thoughts about how important is it for you the fulfillment of this desire. It is believed that the energy of the full moon, hidden at this time desire be fulfilled very soon.

Advice 2 : How to attract money with the help of the moon

Say the Lord to every person defines the life of money and it should last for years. But not everyone can find a way to make your "bag" money. In order to have enough money for a decent life, you have to love the job they do. There are also rituals that you can use to attract money into your home.
How to attract money with the help of the moon

A lot of rites to increase the well-being associated with the lunar cycle. Seeing emerging a month (1-2 days according to the lunar calendar), say Hello and thank him – a month you will thank me for the respect gift! It is very important where to place the moon in the sky. According to legend, saw the young hammer on your right, will have the whole month to income.

Will help to attract money into your life conspiracy of the purse: "As stars in the sky a lot, as the water in the sea enough, and my purse that had a lot of money and always enough. Amen." Be sure to shake a full purse at the sight of the newborn months. Fit and one coin – hold it in your hand and looking at the growing moon, make a wish. This simple rite will ensure the flow of money throughout the month.

There are many beliefs on how to attract good luck and money in the magical Christmas night. So the new year has brought material well-being, at the first stroke of the clock shrink in the left hand a coin and make a wish. Put a coin in a glass of wine and drink to the bottom. Do it in the hole and wear as an amulet.

That year was a successful, properly serve a festive table. The menu should be refined and varied for each plate should be put on a white coin. Celebrate the New year with money in their pockets, and also good if you will have new underwear, new tights (socks), new shoes, new hairstyle, make – whole year will be in the money.

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