Before you comment on a photo of a girl, think about what feelings you hope to evoke in her. Try to seem extravagant and intrigue her? And, perhaps, you need to in a woman's heart conceived a liking for you? Comments may be different, from the playful to the rave, and you need to understand that the reaction to them cannot be the same.
Look closely at the image. Do it for you? If not, try to understand what is the reason, to find in photography that you will like. Will not find anything interesting for himself – keep silent, otherwise you risk to appear a flatterer, because a lie is always visible. Don't underestimate women: cheap compliments not win. Many, unfortunately, forget about it and send out the same phrase hundreds of ladies, thereby committing a fatal mistake.
In comments try to focus on some details to make the girl understand that your message – not just empty words. Agree, when thirty people write the same thing, their opinion is no longer taken seriously. It is good that a woman beautiful, but beauty is not similar to each other, each of them has something unique.
If you unusual photos, for example, a portrait in a carnival mask, resist the temptation to write the first thing that comes to mind. To say that the lady looks mysterious, or that her face mask, then repeat the views of a dozen other people. Is better to remain silent than to be heard among someone's votes.
Try to imagine yourself in the place of girls, the photo which you are commenting. Read his message through her eyes. Do it for you? Do not rush to make a decision, as the proverb says, to measure seven times before cutting. In the end, disappoint the woman you will always have time, but the chance to gain her attention might never fall out.