Advice 1: How to enable the flashlight in the phone

Today, many models of phones include built-in flashlights. It is quite convenient, because there are times when a conventional flashlight is not at hand, and without performing any work is impossible. In order to turn on the flashlight on the phone, you can perform the following actions.
How to enable the flashlight in the phone
Carefully read the manual of your mobile phone. Typically, the instruction to turn the flashlight is in the "organizer". You can also find the term "flashlight" in the alphabetical index.
If you don't have the manual to the phone, you can try to turn on your phone in two ways:
• In most phones flashlight you can enable by holding a certain key. Using the method of "Scientific spear" press any key and hold it for a few seconds. If the result of these actions will turn on any unneeded feature, just disable it and try again.
• If your phone is not provided with a hot-key for flashlight, you can go to the phone menu and poikat flashlight in the "Organizer" or "Settings".
Useful advice
Try not to use phone's flashlight for a long period of time, otherwise it may overheat and be damaged.

Advice 2: How to turn flashlight on explay

Many mobile phones Explay have the function of flashlight. A single way to enable it there, it all depends on your model. In some mobile phones as a flashlight use the camera flash, in others there is a separate led.
How to turn flashlight on explay
The company Explay has phones with large buttons (e.g., BM10, BM50), similar in design to the apparatus Just5. The camera's flash, any of these cell phones is not, and the led flashlight located on the upper wall. To enable it, look on the side wall of the switch with a picture of the bulb and move the lever up. To switch off, move the same lever down. Do not confuse this switch with another similar that allows you to lock the keyboard. These switches are independent from each other: to control the flashlight can when the keypad is locked.
The next group of models in the classic version, with standard size keys, camera, browser, etc. a Typical example of such a device - Explay SL240. These phones as torch runs the led camera flash. To switch on the light, unlock the keypad and then press the Central button of the joystick and then hold it until the led turns on. Disable it the same way. Is the Central key of the joystick, and press zero.
In some firmware versions even of the same models instead of the method of turn on and turn off flashlight provides the other. If you turn on the lamp the previous method failed, exit all menus on the main screen, then press the bottom of the joystick (like on a basic Nokia). The led flash will turn on. Next press on the same key turns it off.
The third group of Explay devices are smartphones on the Android platform. If you are the owner of one of them, open the application list and look for the preset program "Flashlight". In its absence, try one of the programs control the led flash (for example, Tiny Flashlight) from the "Play Store". Choosing the app, make sure that he did not need permission for phone calls and sending SMS, and if the data transfer you have is not unlimited, and Internet access. After downloading, check that it is installed on smartphone antivirus.
Don't forget to turn off the flashlight when not in use.
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