Flashing LED-flashes when calling on the iPhone can be activated without any additional application. It is likely that this feature was put in by the manufacturer for people with disabilities hearing. Flash when calling on the iPhone is handy if you are afraid to Wake the sleeping children sound signal, are in a meeting, sitting in the movies, but afraid to miss an important call.
To do that on the iPhone when you call blink flash, use the following:
- look in the main menu of the phone "Settings" and enter it by clicking on the appropriate Conca gray;
find in this section the paragraph "Principal";
- select the section "Universal access" and check the slider to activate LED flash for alerts to activate flicker when you call turn it to the far right.
That's so uncomplicated way you have to do to when you call the blinking flash on the iPhone. If your phone is in lock mode, you'll see a backlight for incoming call, but while using the IPhone (in active mode) is nothing like you will not see. To set the blinking flash on the iPhone when receiving SMS, you must enable the reminder for a missed message.
To LED-flash worked for incoming calls, many experienced users of iPhones suggest to disable the vibrating alert.