You will need
  • Rомпьютер, free database designer Fleece, Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
For example we will create a database of contacts - mini CRM system. Download and install the database designer, go to control projects and create the project. Let's call it "Base contact".
The creation of the project
In the constructor of the database structure we add the object "Customers". Dragging the mouse field to be added and enter their names. String type fields: "name", "Phone", "Address", Skype, Email, notes. A field of type date: "date of birth". For fields of type Email must specify the appropriate subtype, then it will appear as a hyperlink.
Add a field object Clients
Create a Task object to schedule tasks and track their status.
Add a field of type "date". Add the field "Status" type switch with the values "open, closed" (or "active, inactive"). Add a reference to the object "Customers". Add the field "Rating" type switch with values "without evaluation, excellent, good, satisfactory, not satisfactory". Add the calculated field "Time" with the formula [date]-[~today]. Include the filter for "Date", "Status" and "Client".
Add fields of the Task object
You can enter the data. Check the experience: add or remove fields in the list, turn on the filters.
For fields of type switch turn on the display property in the form of drawings. Add in the resources icons corresponding to the field values of the switch. Also add a field of type "Color" for color display tasks due today, and overdue tasks. The estimated result. Our database with their hands ready.