You will need
  • - computer with installed software package Microsoft Office;
  • - skills of working with Microsoft Access.
Start Microsoft Access to create a parameter query. This query is created based on any field of the table for which the user enters a specific value.
Go to the database window, in the tab "Queries". To create a parametric query, click "new" and select "design mode". The screen will display the query window and select the tables and fields. Select the fields from tables which you want to add to the query. For example, you have a table "Customers" and you want to create a query to search a customer by the name of the Director. For this, select the Customers table, double-click on the field "customer Code", "company Name", "Name Director". Close the field chooser. Click in the "Name Director" in the query design grid. In order to create a parameter query in the criteria" write the following: [Enter the name of the client]. This text will be displayed to the user when he runs the query, so try to make it as clear as possible.
Create a query with multiple parameters to make a new query in design view, select the required fields from the tables. want to add. For example, select the table "Customers", it is the field "company Name", then select the Orders table and select the field "order date" and "order Amount". Close the window select tables, click the field "order date". In criteria type the following:

Between [enter the start date] and [enter end date]

When you run this query you will be prompted to enter the dates between which you want to search order.
Make a parameter query using the LIKE operator and the wildcard character *. Create a query in design mode, select the Products table in the "Grade item" in the select condition, enter the expression

LIKE "*" & [Enter products that contain the expression] & "*"

When you run the prepared query, enter in the query box the word "sauce", the query will give you all items that mention the word, such as "tomato sauce", "soy sauce".