You will need
  • The program Delphi7 or other version
The formation of a base occurs automatically, nothing to reimagine not necessary. It is only necessary to load the desired information (table, text, images, etc.) that you want to sort. The first thing you need to do is to run the Delphi program. In the File create a new form, and then in the object inspector, write the heading "Database" or something else.
The workpiece table (database) is created separately, and then is filled with information. When you create, you must list the fields that you will need to specify their types. When filling in the database each entry is done separately.

To create a blank table, use auxiliary means provided in Delphi. In the main menu, select Tools, then DatabaseDesktop. Dialog box opens on top form. This is the program for creating a table.
Now DatabaseDesktop on the File tab, select new, and then click table. You will be prompted to select a table type, that is, on the basis of any system of controls the databases you want to create a table. Universal is Paradox7. This type allows you to create an extensive database.
A new window will appear blank in the table. Here you need a column to list all fields by name, type and size that you need.

When you reopen the table, use the File tab, then Opentable. In the window that appears will have fields that serve as blanks columns.
To the table to associate with the base, should be put to form the necessary components Delphi, located on the bookmarks database management (BDE), several of them. But you have enough of one. It's called Table. Move it to the form. Then in the object inspector, locate the DatabaseName and select the name of your table that you created in DatabaseDesktop.
On the DataAccess tab, select and drag the component to the form DataSource. Further, in the object inspector, locate the property and select a Dataset Table1. Thus, you link the table on your form and the workpiece, which you did.

To view the base tab DataControls on the form drag a DBGrid and also communicate with the table. Then click on Table. In the object inspector, change the Active property to True. Your database will appear in the table. After this, run the program and you can start filling out the form.