You will need
  • Access data to mysql server. The console client program mysql.
Connect to the mysql database server. To do this, run the mysql console client with the correct values of the parameters -h, -u and --password. The-h option specifies the host name of the mysql server. The-u option specifies the user name under which the mysql client to login on the server, and the parameter --password - password of the user. As the name of the server hostname can be specified IP address or symbolic name. The command line mysql client to connect to the database server running on the local machine with username test_user and password test_user_pwd, might look like this: "mysql -h localhost -u test_user --password=test_user_pwd". If the client program successfully connect with the server, the screen prompted.
How to create a mysql <strong>database</strong> data
Print a list of available character sets that can be used to create databases. Enter the command "SHOW CHARACTER SET;" and press ENTER.
How to create a mysql <strong>database</strong> data
Print a list of existing databases. Enter the command "SHOW DATABASES;" and press ENTER.
How to create a mysql <strong>database</strong> data
Select the name and the character set for the database that will be created. The name should not appear in the list of names already existing databases. The character set must be installed on the server. You can select it from the list shown by the command "SHOW CHARACTER SET;".
Create mysql database data. To do this, type the following command "CREATE DATABASE `database_name` CHARACTER SET COLLATE naborshikova previlant;". As the parameter database_name specify the name of the database. The parameter "naborshikova" must be a valid character set name. Setting previlant specify the field value of "Default collation" from the list of character sets corresponding to the selected set. If You are not sure which set of characters should be used for the database, select utf8. This is a universal kit that supports almost all existing characters of almost all languages of the world. Upon successful creation of the database corresponding message will be displayed.
How to create a mysql <strong>database</strong> data