The selected person clothing carries much more information than the name brand and precision tailoring. The first method to determine the nature of a person is clothing – especially in her color. Red – threat signal. His fans are very temperamental, inconsistent, and strive to be leaders.
The pink color often prefer teenage girls or immature psychologically female. To be like a Barbie doll they want because of insecurity and inability to solve problems independently. So they choose a life partner a man much older and richer, which would patronize and act like a second father.
Lightly relate to the money and other material values fans yellow. They can not long sit on one place and often change their minds, and this is due to their volatility.
But the orange color is a symbol of confidence and boundless optimism. Despite the positive attitude towards life, these people strongly suffer from ego problems and pathological jealousy to the partner.
Green prefer stubborn people used to go to the end. His favorite saying – "in war all means are good". This relentless careerists, willing for years to go to the goal, despite adversity.
To determine the nature of the garment can be another way. The man whose closet consists of things made to order – the perfectionist. Refinement and perfection in everything – that is his credo. On these you can safely rely on the sense of giperatidnosti will not allow them to bring a colleague or friend in any case.
Hipsters who want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, is the opposite. They quickly forget these promises, prone to frequent changes of mood. They are constantly torn by certain internal contradictions.
The lack of confidence many people try to hide by wearing baggy and faceless things. These men are afraid that you might attract someone's attention from the problems with self-esteem are felt.