1. The simplest reason: your men are in serious financial difficulties. This you can guess by indirect signs, or he had to admit it. Any of us could be in monetary crisis, so it pays to be sensitive to this problem, if the man you do care about. Perhaps your patience will be rewarded later.
  2. Greed as a character trait. It is more difficult. Definitely not the case for you, and that for such men, in principle, unacceptable waste. He's not used to give, but he gladly receives gifts. Hardly his generosity, you can inspire a man to return favors, just need not hesitate to voice their desires.
  3. Common situation. The man sees no need to bother about the gift, because all he needs from you, he gets no additional spending on gifts. You love it, have put up with this situation and accept it as it is. The man loves you too. But he already used that you are a kind, caring, understanding, demanding nothing in return his love, but then why would he bother? It can drive you to the cinema or cafe, to give flowers for birthdays and March 8. However, the chance to receive from him the precious gift you have: you have a convenient moment to tell him about his dream.
  4. The most unpleasant reason. Man was not originally planning with you a serious relationship, so he is not going to spend money on gifts. Well-known fact: if a man really appreciates and loves a woman, he will invest their money and will find the opportunity to please her even in a difficult financial situation.