No matter how many you meet with your young man, he may not give you gifts. The first reason for the lack of such attention is banal men's greed. The man just doesn't see the point in wasting your financial savings to purchase a variety of nonsense, especially if you already belong to him. It will keep away any money to spend on other items, and they are not always needed him. Even if a man is rich, his greed still will not allow him to be wasteful in relation to you.
Some guys don't give gifts to your mate for one simple reason: they just don't know what it is you want. Most likely, the representative of the stronger sex was once a bitter experience when he presented something to his beloved, and she laughed in his face, rejected the gift and did not appreciate such a rush. This young man won't buy you because they will always doubt whether you're happy or not.
Representatives of the stronger sex currently understand that girls emancipation became independent. They can afford to buy everything they need. As a result men are afraid of a bad bargain and give your lovely other half thing it needs, which it will not use for the reason that you can buy yourself something better and more expensive.
Another reason for the lack of gifts from your man - education. Maybe your boyfriend grew up in a family where the father is not respected, not valued and did not indulge his legitimate spouse. It is not taught that a good attitude towards women is the norm. He can not and will not give you gifts.
Some guys don't buy anything the girls for the simple reason that women themselves give to understand that do not need such attention. Remember, maybe you once said to the young man that never accept from anyone gifts, and he took it as a call to action, or rather inaction.
And one the most banal reason your boyfriend gives you gifts - without that money. Maybe your man not long ago quit his job, or his family was having financial difficulties. For it is in any case can not be angry with your young person. Try to treat it with understanding.