Tell the guy about situations when you, a friend or other girls men gave flowers. Describe a beautiful gift and the feelings that you have. Carefully look at the reaction of men: he may against cut flowers or does not attach importance to this tradition. Try to tell what you mean bouquet. If a guy speaks out against such gifts, citing his opinion of the short life of cut plants, there is an option to give flowers in pots. Beautiful roses, charming orchids or azaleas will be long-standing on the window sill and to delight the owner.
Walking past the flower stall, with the admiration and show the man what kind of flowers you like the most. If the guy understands the hint, soon you will receive a bouquet. Sometimes it is not enough just to talk about what you love. Say that I love it when men give you flowers.
If a man does not understand hints, just ask him to give you flowers. It often happens that men do not understand perfectly, after "to read minds" – the lot of women. Young people prefer specifics: no sooner said than done. At the same time women complain that asking for a gift is to kill the romance. If this case is about you, send the man a text with your wishes or write a note to keep some idea of magic.
If a man brought you flowers, tell him how much you like it. Try to consolidate the experience of giving flowers as a positive thing. Emphasize that it's more than just a gift. If the choice is not matched with the view and the colors don't need to tell him about it. You may prefer another time to tell him about your favorite daisies or cornflowers. When a man gives flowers often don't think to capricious for this reason. It's a risk to tell the chosen one that the bouquets got bored and ceased to be so important.
If a man asks for advice for a gift for a friend, tell him that a bouquet is a versatile option that woman happy always. So your chances of getting flowers from that person will be doubled.