Man loves and cherishes you, and therefore prefers to give expensive gifts, especially if it has the financial capacity. What's wrong with that? Men, too, are very generous.

However, there is a category of men, who with gifts trying to keep the girl near him for fear of losing it. Usually, this type of men, unsure of himself. In this case you need to explain to the guy that you love him and no mink coats and gold rings.


Some men give your woman endless expensive gifts, trying to make amends in front of her guilt. The reason is often banal treason. Often girls do not even realize that the guy in something "naughty". But do not think that if the man something gives you, it always goes "left." Watch him for a few days, relying on your feminine instincts and intuition. If a man is really cheating on you, then you will definitely notice something suspicious in his behavior.


It also happens that the man persistently seeks proximity with you. The reason is a dispute with friends, personal list of "achievements", whatever! The girl in this case is as a sexual object, the conquest of which the guy does not regret neither forces, nor means. And having her, quickly cools and disappears without explanation.

To attract attention

Expensive gifts are presented to a woman who doesn't pay the man any attention. In this case, the guy, if he's not getting close, wants to attract your attention and start a relationship, and, most likely, he's in love with you.

And about women

As you know, some girls are materialistic, but you are not one of them? Not always the cause of expensive gifts should only be sought in the behavior of his men. Watch for them, listen to what you say. You may, without noticing it, throwing phrases like: "You don't give, then you don't love me". Or sad and meaningful sigh at the jewelry showcases. There is nothing wrong with a little hint to the man on the right gift, but don't want to turn this into an obsession of endless surprises.

Girls want gifts from beloved men. Just do not forget that your male is not unlimited. And, most likely, he doesn't want to have a relationship with a hysterical girl who is without end requires fur coats, rings, and trips to tropical countries. You need to love your man as he is, to surround him with care and attention, and he will make sure you lots!