You are not suggesting the man about your preferences, or do not know what you want

This situation occurs if your man refers to the type of practical people, do not consider the need to spend money on various baubles, from which there is no benefit. This man will not look for a gift according to the person's character, or try to surprise him. He'll just try to learn from his beloved that she had to give. To answer this question by saying, "I don't know" is a huge mistake. If a man hears the answer, he will either find for you some practical thing, like pots, or decide that you really don't need anything, and therefore nothing to give.

What to do? Just directly tell your beloved that you want to receive as a gift. Think that's unromantic? And to remain without a gift — romantic?

The perception of gifts as a matter of course

It also happens that you are to blame for the fact that your boyfriend has stopped giving you gifts. Perhaps, you constantly showed their dissatisfaction with present gifts, and, perhaps, behaved a little too indifferently when receiving a gift. But man is not so easy to choose something memorable! Need to figure out what to buy, when to buy, how much it costs. And he usually anticipates in advance as you are happy. And if he doesn't see it in your eyes sincere joy, it is unlikely that he will want to get disappointed again. Therefore, the more admiration and gratitude, the higher the chances that the man wants to make you happy.

You do not make gifts for your spouse

Not all men can surprise with gifts, but most learn to do it the girls that show how to do it. If you never gave the young man such an act you show that this is not so important. There are girls who believe that giving gifts is the responsibility of men. However, someone will have to taste "game in one gate", because it shows that you don't so much appreciate partner, as it appreciates you. Men who don't like to receive gifts, can be counted on the fingers. Usually everyone likes to feel that they are appreciated and loved.

Natural greed

This phenomenon can be attributed to the type of diagnoses. To change a greedy man is almost impossible. But here, it is possible to try just a little to change the situation. You just need to prove that the gift that you want to get will benefit him. If your neck is a beautiful necklace, all others will see what you have affluent and generous boyfriend. In General, you should try to find a way to prove that a beautiful and sexy girl is a reflection of a loving and generous man.