Flowers - a strange gift

Women are very much appreciate donated flowers, even a solitary red rose will make the lady happy sometimes for a very long time. However, not all men understand women's emotions. The fact that they do not understand the love for these strange gifts. The admiration of flowers that will die within a couple of days, cause men puzzled. That's why they give some more useful things, which, alas, do not have even remotely a taste of romance. So usually the lack of colors during the courtship or even mutual life suggests that the man is simply a realist.

A great way to change this anti-romantic tendency – to explain in simple and clear words, why is it important for you to receive flowers from him. Work very well the explanation in the spirit: "When I look at you bought me a flower, I think about how I love you." Logical men, for whom it is important to be present in the life of the beloved, accept and understand this argument. However, it is very important not to push, not to whine and not whine in the process of explanation. Generally any pressure on the man, he began to give flowers and gifts, often leads to scandals and quarrels.
In any case, do not reproach a man. If you want to in the house were flowers, try to buy their own. Over time, this process can connect your guy or spouse.

Men replace flowers?

Practical men care and feelings in some useful way. Think, perhaps a fully working appliances, deskripsi doors, donated time dishwasher can in your eyes to replace the unexpected flowers delivered for no reason.

If you say to the man that can't feel love with him, and he goes and repairs the coffee because you love coffee, that's the way he shows his love. You just lay it on quite incomprehensible to each other languages. Therefore, it is important and try to talk to him about the romance in your relationship. Perhaps it will act on it.
Almost any problem of this plan occur due to lack of informative conversations. Just try to talk with the man, maybe learn a lot.

By the way, if you gave your boyfriend or husband something for no reason. Women believe that gifts are a kind of one-sided game. Meanwhile, the men exactly the same extent as women, it's nice to get tokens. Try to give your man some nice detail, and you will see that he will not remain in debt.