Ice cream with breast feeding: the "pros" and "cons"

"Whether feeding ice cream?" - question asked by most young mothers. The answer largely depends on the quality of ice cream and its quantity.

The idea is that ice cream should consist of milk and sugar. In addition, it can be added to fruit purees, chocolate and other flavoring fillers. All of these components in small quantities into the composition of your breast milk can harm the baby older than 1 month.

But unfortunately, many modern manufacturers are not too interested in the possible health problems of their consumers. And most of these companies care about the extension of the shelf life of the product, while replacing the natural ingredients to preservatives, dyes and other cheap components.

On this basis, a nursing mother is desirable to refrain from this type of ice cream or just buying the product only a producer who has established himself as a good-quality product.
In addition, homemade ice cream, having a high nutritional value that can increase milk yield and improve its composition.

And the ideal option would be ice cream, which is cooked at home. Using only natural products, you not only will eat a "cold treat", but will give to your child through breast milk, vitamins, healthy fats, amino acids and mineral salts.

Recipe for homemade ice cream for nursing moms

To make ice cream at home, you will need the following ingredients:
- 375 grams of milk;
- 375 grams of cream;
- 100 grams of sugar;
- 2-3 bananas.

With a blender or fork mash the bananas until puréed. Add milk, cream and sugar, move and place the mixture boil on a slow fire.

Not boiling, set aside the pan and let cool. After the mass has cooled, put it in molds and put in freezer for 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hours you can safely try your culinary masterpiece.

Rules of eating ice cream for breastfeeding

But before you add to your diet ice cream, the breastfeeding woman should be aware that the same product has different influence on the child's body.

Take care of your baby and follow these rules:

Separate a serving of ice cream into two parts: one for the morning another for the evening.
If after 2-3 hours after eating ice cream you feed the baby, and then he suddenly began to act up, it is best refrain from this type of treats.

Remember that the food eaten by the mother, enters into the composition of breast milk after 2 hours.

Eat ice cream no more than 2 times a week.

Carefully study the composition of the purchase of ice cream and always look at the date of manufacture.