How much

Despite the fears of many lactating women that fruit and vegetables can cause allergies in children, we should not forget that they still needed to create a balanced diet.

Doctors and nutritionists have come to believe that a day should be consumed about 700 g of fruits and 300 g vegetables. It is recommended that at least one vegetable and fruit to include in every one of meals. But we should not abuse the plant food. It cannot completely replace all other products. Therefore, the menu lactating women must be present: meat, fish, cereals, dairy products.

What vegetables to choose

List of vegetables that are suitable for moms and nursing babies, including these items: zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, bell pepper and celery.

Zucchini is a great deal with swelling, which may disturb the newly born woman. They fill the body with trace elements such as copper, potassium and iron. Potato contains large amounts of thiamine, which has beneficial effects on the development of the crumbs. Remember, however, that the potato is quite nutritious vegetable, so limit yourself to 2-3 pieces a day.

Tomatoes and cucumbers — a real storehouse of vitamins. They contain zinc, calcium and iodine. And the celery will enrich the body with carotene, vitamin b and E. Please note that fresh vegetables can be eaten in the period of maturation in your region. The fact that brought in winter, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers contain more preservatives than nutrients.

The most preferred fruit

A fruit rather allergenic, so in the diet of nursing mothers is difficult to find a variety of these products. Prefer apples and pears green. They are rich in vitamins and trace elements such as Nickel, succinic acid, fluorine, molybdenum, copper. Unique in its composition of apricots due to the presence of vitamin e, large amount of potassium and carotene. Pay attention to the cherries. These berries contain magnesium and phosphorus, and vitamins C and B.

Prepare fruit salads, make fresh juices, diluted with water in proportion 1:2, cook compotes and jellies, but also eat dried fruits to help enhance and enrich the daily diet.

Please note

It is very important to monitor closely the reaction of the baby to the introduction of a new product in the diet of mom. Indeed, there are cases when seemingly do not pose a threat to the development of allergies product will prove to be a major allergen for your baby, because every body is different. Besides currently very common intolerance of many products by young children.