Your meals should be primarily rational. Do not overeat and try to eat diverse. Eliminate from your diet of rich, fatty, fried and sweet.
You can't run itself, after birth, otherwise every month to restore the old forms will become increasingly difficult. Even good results at the arrows on the scales after a long diet is not an indicator, because once you return to your usual diet the weight may start to increase rapidly.
Do not start a diet immediately after discharge from the hospital. Give your body good nutrition, because it has experienced a lot of stress. Be sure to eat foods rich in iron, calcium and proteins. Prefer fish, boiled meat, poultry, dairy products, nuts, and apples. PPH take away the body a lot of iron, and its deficiency can not lose weight.
Breastfeeding in itself is a great way to lose those extra kilos in 9 months. Put your baby to breast on demand, so you will be able to burn at least 500 calories per day. Thus, your child will be fed, happy, satisfied frequent proximity with the mother, and you not only positive emotions but still podkorrektirovatj your figure.
Eat healthy and healthy food, because the baby now needs more vitamins, which are transmitted to him with mother's milk. Do not eat too fatty dairy products. Stimulate lactation most effective method is hot water. So that fat is efficiently burned, often drink plain water. In addition, it is well reduces appetite.
Do not eat "in store". Accustomed to eat frequently (4-5 meals per day), but only a little.
Do not try to get rid of postpartum depression with sweets. If the desire to eat all the same does not leave you, switch to apples or pears.