If you can't live without chocolate and not ready to give it up even when breastfeeding, you can leave it in the diet, but remember about moderation. Follow the child's behavior, and if you notice symptoms of this sweet product, completely eliminate it. The main concern is not so much the sugar contained in chocolate, how much caffeine.

So if you are a fan of chocolate, have it, but limit other caffeinated products: coffee, tea and soft drinks. Chocolate also contains theobromine, which has the same stimulating effect as caffeine. Some moms find that, no matter how much chocolate they eat, it has no children or no effect. They were lucky. It should be borne in mind also the fact that theobromine increases the production of breast milk. Therefore, in the first few months until established lactation, it is better to abstain from chocolate.

Enter chocolate in the diet of nursing mothers should gradually. It's a good start and one of the slices and only in the morning. Within 24 hours follow the reaction of your baby. Allergic reactions are possible, within 3 days after administration of the product.

Good news for lovers of chocolate

In addition to the exciting action, theobromine may contribute to the increased gas-formation in the child. Looking at the suffering of the baby, any mother willing to do anything, including give up many foods while breastfeeding. But there is a way: in white chocolate contains very little theobromine, which reduces the risk of undesirable effects. If the baby reacts badly to dark chocolate, try to replace it with white.

If the chocolate is for you - a source of strength and energy, try to replace it with powdered chicory. This drink also has a tonic effect and has a coffee taste.

In some cases, it is necessary to eliminate chocolate?

If your child became more active, agitated, restless and difficult sleep, this may be a result of the consumption of the mother of chocolate. Diarrhea, colic, green stools, vomiting is cause for immediate rejection of the chocolate and all caffeinated products. If the baby has developed a rash around the anus, it could be an allergic reaction to chocolate. Eliminate all foods that cause allergies and report these symptoms to your pediatrician.

In most cases, if unwanted symptoms caused by chocolate, then after the cancellation of this product they disappear within a few days, often within two weeks. But in most cases, nursing mothers are allowed to eat chocolate in moderation.