1. The priorities and values that prevailed in the honeymoon period, significantly shifted. Gone are the days when you were the center of the Universe for each other, no day can not live without meetings, constantly called up or written off. And now you've become less and less to meet, to call. You notice that you have a partner or you have to constantly be other, more important things to do than chat. As they say, if a person wants to – looking for opportunities, if do not want – looking for the cause.
  2. Relations became increasingly dominated by hopeless boredom. You were not alone, you have nothing to talk about, you know everything beforehand. You have nothing to surprise each other, and most importantly, lost the desire to do it. You rarely have a mutual romantic signs of attention, say nice words.
  3. When hormonal shake-up took place, you began to realize that, besides sex, you have little in common. No common cause, Hobbies, circle of friends... Maybe even sex too has ceased to please, became ordinary and predictable.
  4. You do not touches, as before, physical or mental shortcomings of the partner. Now they are increasingly cause dull irritation until rejection. Through a period of idealization of the partner. You're not an angel, but an ordinary man, not trying to look better and not hiding negative traits.
  5. You are already uncomfortable and cold together, but yet scared to leave. While you are holding the habit and the fear that apart may be even worse. There was a fear of loneliness or the fact that the next partner will not are worthy of this.