The lack of trust

Honestly examine your relationship: are you lying, hiding important things, unable to admit their mistakes? Then it is clear that your relationship is definitely not functioning properly. If you feel that your partner is hiding something, cheating on you, you can't trust him, your relationship is deeply broken, should think about whether they should continue and whether these relationships further meaning.

The lack of respect

Respect is the cornerstone of the relationship. Even in ordinary friendship between people worthless to be disrespectful towards the other, as it is clearly visible from the outside and does not bear positive results. You can tell that you love each other and respect? Try to list at least 10 things you appreciate your partner, and then think whether he will be able also to assemble such a list. Once you cease to respect each other, your relationship stand on a dangerous path and are doomed to failure.

The shortage of space

No matter how you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of joint activities safely will strangle your love. The lack of space and their own interests is a reliable sign that in your relationship something is wrong and should reconsider their views.

Emotional pressure

You want to go with your girlfriends for a bachelorette party, but a partner makes the scene with famously feigned a heart attack? Constantly uses ultimatums and statements like: "If you love me, then..."? As soon as the relationship takes emotional blackmail, it is time to change something.