Reasons to stay

Love, like many other feelings, have an expiration date. Unfortunately, few are lucky enough to experience love to the grave. Everything seems to be calm and well in my life, but one morning he woke up, you clearly understand that beside you is a man that the relationship is at an impasse - you need to leave, but you don't go and torment yourself and him. Why?

One of the most common excuses is a habit. You are accustomed to this person, you know what to expect, how to live with him and dialogue. But from the ashes of past feelings of relationship can not be built. Don't look back - look to the future.
Women are afraid to walk into the unknown, to a new man. There beyond, it is unclear how it begins to develop a relationship, there are UPS and downs, and then - perhaps lousy, but advance all clear.

Women's biggest fear - the fear of being alone. This applies to women at any age. Surprisingly, many women cling to a man as a last resort, even if, except for swearing and claims, they have nothing else in common. Such relationships should end quickly.
You need to learn to love yourself to part with unnecessary things and people, to raise their self-esteem to the proper level.

The desire to be the center of attention. All the complexes are grown from childhood. Once nedolyublennosti the parents of the girl compensate for the previous neglect of the current hopeless relationship, giving the man false hopes for the sequel. These girls need to be loved and adored absolutely all the familiar and unfamiliar men.

To leave and never return

You need to clearly understand and decide for yourself that you do not want the continuation and further development of relations. The exit is only one - to finish the novel completely without any reservations.
If you can't understand yourself, the inner torment yourself, contact psychologist, at a reception at which you will be able to tell the causes of their experiences. And he, in turn, will help you to understand your feelings.

Keep a personal diary in which to record all incoming emotions, feelings, thoughts. Rereading with a fresh mind records, you are sure to understand what exactly you want.

Deciding on such an important step, and think about your partner. Such things can not talk at once. Prepare for the conversation. Choose neutral territory - some small restaurant or cafe, public place where you will not be able to give vent to feelings.

Try to accurately, calmly, without raising his voice, explain to the elect, why your relationship has stalled, and you don't want them to continue. Pick a spot: dispel all doubts that in the future people do not bother you with calls and messages, feeding a baseless hope.

Of course, after the break you can't be friends, but try not to bring the relationship to sworn enmity.

So as not to break and not try to return, take the spare time with something useful: sports, yoga, cooking or sewing, learning foreign languages. Soon the sick emotions will recede, and you begin to live a normal life.