Preparing to conceive, as doctors say, is a very important and responsible process. Of course, we have a greatly restricted, including in reception of those or other drugs. Antibiotics just belong to the group of the disputed funds, the receipt of which is quite questionable when preparing and during the pregnancy itself.

Of course, it is worth remembering that we are not talking about situations where there is a question of life and death, there is no choice. However, if the person suffer from an infection which can be treated without antibiotics, it is better to try to give them up. Because incorrect use of these drugs can be deadly.

Is it possible to plan pregnancy by taking antibiotics

The doctors unanimously say: if you had to take antibiotics at the time of preparation for pregnancy, it is best to postpone conception for 3 months after treatment. This is due to the fact that antibacterial drugs along with kill all disease-causing and beneficial bacteria. And also have a negative impact on the germ cells of the organism, and this applies to both women and men.

Antibiotics provokes the production of poor quality sperm that will be viable, dull and even altered. As a result, if conception happens, there is a risk of infections or pathologies in the fetus.

The antibiotic accumulate, and delayed in the female body. As a result, as soon as pregnancy occurs, the child is not already protected by the maternal placenta, will get them off. And many of these drugs have teratogene effect. Remember that the final withdrawal of the antibiotic from the body occurs only 3 months after the end of treatment.

Antibiotics immediately before conception or in the first days and weeks of pregnancy with a high probability leads to miscarriage. This is not only psychological stress for both expectant parents, but also a strong hormonal shake-up for the woman's body. If to conceive you can't for a long time, you should not stretch the process.

What to do

If you got sick and had to take antibiotics at the planning stage, do not worry. Three months will pass quickly, and during this time is best to try as efficiently as possible to restore your body. Start taking Lactobacillus will help to normalize and enhance the immune system. Change your meals for healthier, walk more, etc. All this can further help you not only recover from infection, but will guarantee a successful pregnancy.