Decide on your interests. No matter what they say to parents and teachers. You need to focus on what brings satisfaction to you. Perhaps it will help other people, then you can choose the doctor or lifeguard. Maybe you like soccer, then you can go into professional athletes. The future profession should be fun, only then you will be able to achieve outstanding results.

If certain aspirations you have, then the situation is much more complicated. The most easy way is to consult with a psychologist. The specialist will identify your hidden preferences and will suggest the right choice. However, not all people need such help. Some just can't open up to the psychologist.

Career guidance

Take a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. Within half an hour, and record all of the specialty that appeals to you. Be sure to specify what you like and why. Then make the classic standings, only instead of write profession. To compare the two options is always easier than all at once. Selecting the winner, move him to the next level and continue the comparison. In the end will be one specialty that suits you best.

Pass the tests. Today there are a huge number, so you can take several to make sure in the result. The classic versions are the tests Klimova and George Holland. You can use them as a reference check. If several tests show the same result, you should think about the specialty.

The choice of Institute

The choice of Institute is not less responsible than the choice of profession. Diploma some universities can provide good employment, while others help to unleash the potential of people. As a rule, when choosing the Institute consider the following factors: distance from home, prestige, availability of desired majors and a passing score.

Many students are not accustomed to live far from home, so learning from a distance may seem to them very unattractive event. In this case it is better to choose a College in your hometown, or where there live friends and relatives.

The prestige is definitely one of the main selection criteria. The higher authority of the University, the more employers are interested in its graduates. However, to go to a prestigious University is very difficult. Will have to compete with very talented and capable applicants. Therefore, if the chances of admission are low, the application is better not to apply because their maximum number is limited – no more than five pieces of one student.

Otherwise it is better to rely on their own preferences. Be sure to read reviews and talk to graduate if possible. Because making the wrong choice, you could lose a whole year of study time, and even more.