You will need
  • - "Covenan";
  • - "Depo-promon".
If the dog has already begun flowing, it is impossible to stop. The strength of the owners only to push back her period.
опредилить что течка у собаки
Those owners who do not plan to use the dog for breeding, it would be easiest to solve the problem once and for all sterilized bitch. The argument that the dog must give birth at least once "for health", or confidence that you are depriving the dog "women's happiness" is nothing more than a myth. In fact neutered Pets feel great and live longer.
Как определить, что у собаки начинаются роды
To prevent the heat can veterinary drug "Covenan". The drug inhibits the maturation of ovarian follicles, causes changes in the uterus, preventing fertilization, hinders the development of estrus, inhibits the secretion of the mammary glands. "Covenan" subcutaneously. Show dogs is recommended to inject the medicine in the groin crease, the rest – in the region of the withers. The drug is administered three months after estrus, then four months later and finally five. All subsequent treatment of the drug is administered every five months. If you want to bring the dog, just stop her to work hard, "Covenan" and she will start her period by the due date. The required volume of the drug depends on the weight of the animal.
зачатие у кошек
Another veterinary drug that can stop the heat is "Depo-promon". The animal is injected one milliliter in the interval between the chutes. Injections should be repeated every six months.
какой вет припорат лучши довать для улучшения апетита у собаки