In advance, take your Yorkshire Terrier to the vet to detect any abnormalities in the pregnancy. Do this three weeks before the birth.
как принимать роды у кошек
The pregnancy of a Yorkie lasts only 63 days. The day before, prepare the room – prosterilizovat strengths. The ambient temperature should be 25°to 30°C. If necessary, make sure that you have heaters.
Как принимать роды у кошки
Before delivery York is restless and begins to pace the room from corner to corner, to dig with his paws and hard to breathe. Cuddle her to calm a little.
как лечить власаедов у той-терьера
Before the actual birth, the bitch goes into labor and attempts, which is constantly reinforced and increased. Usually Yorkies cope with childbirth themselves. First they lie on his side, and after a while when strong attempts you will notice a dark bubble. He soon pushed along with the puppy outside. The dog gnaws the shell, then the cord and carefully licking the puppy. If all goes well, the baby begins to cheep to bother.
как принять роды у пинчера
Carefully watch the process and do not interfere with childbirth. Only at the time when the puppy begins to seek the mother's nipple, gently help him in this.
когда вязать йорков
Don't let the York came to eat the placenta, it will cause her an upset stomach.
If a bitch is confused or does not have time to assist their kids to take birth in York have you. Free, the new puppy from the bubble. At a distance of two inches from the belly, cut the cord and apply iodine. If necessary, clean the nose and mouth of the puppy of mucus. This is done with the help of bandages and the syringe. Then bring the baby to the mother and paste him in the mouth nipple.
To correctly take birth in York, you need to be very careful. If you first encounter them, in advance, invite an experienced veterinarian.