When dry and painful cough to alleviate their condition is possible by means of medicines. They promote easy expectoration of phlegm, inhibit cough reflexes. Good effect have candy sage, "Libeksin" and so When a viscous sputum prescribe medications, thinning it, it's "Mucosolvan", "Bromhexine". They not only reduce inflammation in the throat, but also eliminate spasms in the bronchi.
Antibiotic treatment is assigned when it is necessary to suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. For example, bronchitis, pneumonia.
Before prescribing a particular antibiotic, the doctor should take a sputum analysis, as well as set the sensitivity to components of the medication. To treat a cough with antibiotics is possible in a short time, however, their thoughtless use can cause the development of other diseases.
Cough is failure of the respiratory system, so the treatment can begin with inhalation. Breathe over a hot solution of iodine and soda. In a glass of water taken two drops of iodine teaspoon of baking soda. Iodine destroys bacteria, soda liquefies the phlegm and makes breathing easier. This procedure is best done before bedtime for ten minutes.
For inhalation you can use different herbs. The most effective is calendula, sage and thyme. Bring the water with grass to a boil and breathe in health. Great tool, used for the same purpose from time immemorial, boiled potatoes in their skins. Also when you cough, you can use mustard plasters, banks, medical cakes.
Methods of struggle with a cough should be alternated: for example, put the mustard today, and tomorrow - the banks. In combination with the inhalation is achieved good and sustainable effect. Drink plenty of fluids. And best of herbs, which were used as inhalations.
A wonderful remedy for cough is black radish with honey. Squeeze radish juice and mix it with honey. Take a teaspoon twice a day. This medicine not only relieves cough, but also eliminates the crackling. However, you must pay attention to the fact that the radish has a number of contraindications. It can not be taken by patients with heart problems, liver, kidney, and gastric ulcer.
An efficient cough is carrots, boiled in milk with honey and butter. Also brewed figs. A few berries pour a glass of milk and bring to a boil. When the drug infusions, you can start treatment.