Pharyngitis: the symptoms of the disease

For pharyngitis can be accompanied by the appearance of various symptoms (tremors throughout the body, aching joints and muscles, a feeling of dryness in the throat, pain time swallowing, hoarseness of voice). This requires a proper treatment that can be prescribed by a doctor. Sometimes the lack of treatment of pharyngitis in the early days enhances the manifestation of symptoms is so strong that it becomes life-threatening (infectious blood poisoning, fainting).

The main symptoms of pharyngitis is cough, which can have several forms: dry, bronchial, throat, sometimes it can be a simple cough or choking. The most common cough in the pharyngitis – dry. In this form of cough no expectoration. When treatment is necessary to use tools that will help to move the cough to a more productive form, which will begin expectoration.

Treatment of cough with pharyngitis

Treatment of cough requires adherence to certain rules. During illness it is necessary to consume plenty of fluids, particularly mineral water. It promotes better expectoration of sputum due to its thinning and rapid recovery.

The use of inhalation for pharyngitis on the basis of mineral water, plant fees or medicines contribute to the rapid deliverance from a painful cough. Prolonged cough should take medicine, has expectorant and mucolytic properties, contributes to liquefaction and expectoration of sputum.

Home remedies for the cough in the pharyngitis also help to cope with a painful sore throat, such as honey. Often, he does it much more effectively than pharmaceutical medicines. And for best result it is recommended to mix honey with lemon juice. In the fight against cough associated with strep throat will help a glass of warm milk with a small piece of cocoa butter.
Paradoxical, but effective way to stifle the cough and sore throat is to suck a small ice cube.

The treatment of pharyngitis at home only traditional methods are fraught with complications for people with allergies. Therefore, carrying out the treatment at home, you need to maintain control and to monitor the response of the body. If the treatment does not give results in the early days and there will be a deterioration of health, you should immediately contact a doctor.