The book is particularly useful for development of speech of children, but not all books should be given to children, and the ones that will match their age.

"Speech therapy for toddlers"

This book provides conomie sounds "R", "l", "th", sometimes it is hard to say. Using a set of specially selected exercises, texts, to develop articulation skills of the child, and to develop the ability to speak boldly and clearly.

"Speech, communication, system, creativity,"

This book will touch on several aspects of child development. The organization of the development of speech, in particular, will be drawn up with the aid of story images, based on the notes.

"Language development of a preschooler"

This benefit is a great way to contribute to the development of coherent speech, grammatical structure, vocabulary. All these aspects of made on is very entertaining for kids material, which is built in the form of the game.

The book, "I and the developing world"

It includes materials covering all the items of reality of children. The allowance will contribute to the psychological adjustment of children.

Grant "Development of cognitive activity of children of early age"

In this book concluded a valuable exercise for the development of speech and different forms of thinking, which is important. The book includes a variety of didactic methods, forms and means to develop children's brain. The unique combination of these techniques will make the process of development of creative and intellectual abilities of children entertaining them and at the same time productive.

The influence of books on it

If we talk about artistic literature, books for speech development can undoubtedly be called "the picture of Dorian gray". In this book you can learn a unique new language, momentum, expressions for active speech. More colorful language is very hard to find anywhere else. There will be new patterns of thought which can be Express verbally.

In General, the above publication sufficiently will contribute to the development of a child's speech, as in these books contains the perfect combination of tools, methods, and techniques of communicating information. The reader reveals himself, finds something in common with the heroes of the works.