Advice 1: How to pick the right book for a child

If you want to know how to choose a suitable baby book, then perhaps the following tips will help you. But if you introduce them your child, then it will be easier to choose interesting books for themselves.
How to pick the right book for a child

Most importantly, the book was interesting. It doesn't have to be artistic. If your child is very curious, perhaps he likes to read encyclopedias. If the child has some passion, such as he loves planes, get him a book about airplanes. Be attentive to your child's interests, because you play an important role in discovering talents and abilities of your child.

The next step is to determine the difficulty of books to read. Ask to read your son or daughter the first two pages of the book aloud. Evaluate how slow the child is doing, how often read a word incorrectly, how often puts in words the emphasis on the wrong syllables you need. If in 30-50% of cases, the book is too difficult.

If no errors at all, it is too easy. You need to pick up a book that was not just interesting and informative, but could also improve reading skills.

Don't forget to ask the opinion of your child about the book. Ask whether she liked him, what new did he know? Ask them to retell the content. Try to look genuinely interested in the story. Your interest will help your child better remember the content of the book, and also to feel more intelligent and confident, but these feelings are the best motivation for reading new books.

Advice 2: How to choose a book to read

From the variety of books that are sold in the stores, exhibited at book fairs or in libraries, not easy to choose a book to read. Indeed, the choice of books is too large, and time for quiet reading, as always, not so much.
How to choose a book to read
When selecting books to read you need to think about which books you like the most. Maybe you like to read contemporary fiction or classic novels, detective stories, romantic stories, or historical novels. Most likely, these favorite genres, even a few, but then you should choose the one that you would like to occupy your time soon.
Now to choose a book is one of those that you are looking for by genre. In the library or book store do not need to overlook the annotation to the book, it's the best show, whether you like the work or not, because the first impression plays a big role. In addition, the abstract talks about the author, you may like his idea or you think its not good to spend money and time reading such a book.
If the annotation you like, select the place in the book and read it. You can even start with the first page. This will give a good notion about the style and language of the author, and along with the summary will show you what to expect from the product. If the author was able to captivate from the first page, you most likely will like all the work.
Great value when you choose books play and reader feedback or a brief review. You can ask the impression from friends who are familiar with the product, read reviews at websites devoted to lovers of reading and books of different genres. The majority of these reviews are very helpful for someone looking for a good book.
Sites for reading be useful as a good tip: they tell you about new books, or those with whom the readers have got to know. You can follow new posts and recommendations not just on individual sites, but also in numerous social networking groups. Just pick the one you like best.
Do not neglect, and lists of books, because they can learn many interesting things. For example, remember those works which you have long wanted to read, but the time they did not have or interesting books that you want to get to know. Such lists can be found on the same sites, or in groups devoted to reading.
And create your own lists with interesting works. They should not be very large to be considered feasible. These lists will help you remember what works still need to read, and what books you have already read. When there is so lucid and simple to read, there is an incentive to replenish this list of new and already read works.
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