Reading aloud

Only 10-15 minutes of expressive reading aloud every day will help develop speech, vocabulary, hone intonation and diction. While reading formed the grammatical correctness of speech. To have read aloud literature with a large number of fine turns and a refined vocabulary. To produce the text need not to himself, and in full voice, using not only speech but also hearing. You can choose from several books most favorite to train some time with it. Over time you will notice that it disappears "angularity" of speech and tongue-tied, improved style, and the phrases are beautiful.


The effect of reading aloud will strengthen the retelling of the text, during which you need to use the words that were used in the original source. This method activates the passive vocabulary, adding over time to speech a large number of new words.

Writing interesting phrases and phrases

Interesting momentum, unusual phrases and words, witty expressions, it is recommended to record in a notebook or computer file. Collection must be replenished regularly, and to selectively read the interesting phrases you need every day, that they were fixed in the memory. Just so happens to harmoniously include them in your speech when communicating with people.

Working with synonyms

Dictionary of synonyms of Russian (or any other) language – not the most exciting book, but if you approach the study of synonyms correctly, can be great fun. You can start with several sentences in which every word should be replaced by a synonym without losing the meaning. Vocabulary will be enriched, and some of the results of replacing will allow you to have a good laugh, further lifting the mood.