Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church of Matrona of Moscow, the real name of which was Nikonov, really lived and worked miracles, had the gift of foreseeing events. Even Stalin himself spoke to her for advice when she appeared a real threat of capture of Moscow by the Germans. Matron lived for 71 years and left behind the Holy spirit, which promotes healing and the fulfillment of your dreams.

The oil of the Holy Matrons – what is unique?

Today it is possible to venerate the relics of St. Matrona, but to do it not everyone succeeds. Believers in the healing power can buy oil of St. Matrona, which features a unique and miraculous properties.

The use of Holy oil for healing children and pregnant women

If you happen to acquire this healing oil is, don't let it idle without using. Children from birth to draw a drop of Holy oil cross on the forehead, which helps to strengthen the infant organism. Of course, it should be done exclusively with faith, reciting the prayer. You can also add 1 drop of oil in the tub before bathing the baby.

Women who can't get pregnant, it is recommended daily before going to bed to smear the stomach with oil of St. Matrona. Girls, who have fulfilled this requirement, the majority has reached the cherished goal. With the threat of interruption of pregnancy, also need daily smear the stomach of medicinal Holy oil. Rest assured, it will not bring harm, but benefit you will notice yourself if, of course, sincerely believe in the power of the spirit of St. Matrona.

With what illnesses helps oil the Holy Matrons

The oil of St. Matrona also allows you to get rid of a migraine and high blood pressure. It is necessary to anoint with oil in the temple area and RUB well with the fingertips. Children oil of St. Matrona strengthen the immune system. Many parents argue that if every day before kindergarten or school to smear the butter under the spout it will not do to suffer from catarrhal and viral diseases.

The oil of St. Matrona is a great healing tool. No, not because of special medical composition, it is not there. This is due to the strength and power of the Blessed Matrona. There are cases when even strong scars and wounds received as a result of accidents, healed after a short use the healing oil of St. Matrona.