You will need
  • - passport of the child;
  • - the written application and consent of both parents on the flight, certified by a notary;
  • questionnaire data on parents.
Airlines divide the children into categories. Very young children up to two years fly accompanied by an adult, the cost of their ticket is about 10% of the cost of an adult ticket. The older children are flying on tickets that cost is 50-70% of the total cost. These discounts apply if the child is accompanied by adults. 12 years every teenager is entitled to a ticket that is paid in full. To fly unaccompanied on flights with most airlines you can five years. As a rule, if the child is flying alone, then pay the full price of the ticket. On this circumstance, you must inform the airline when booking and purchasing tickets, it will write "Child in need of care." The responsibility falls on the airline, and the plane - the flight attendants.
How to send <strong>child</strong> <b>the plane</b>
In order to send the baby one on the plane, you must provide the following documents: passport of the child, if he travels to my country with the appropriate visa. Written application and consent of both parents to travel certified by a notary. The standard form of the Declaration you will be able to find a notary, the cost of registration is 500 rubles. Questionnaire data on parents, seeing off and welcoming party, which you receive at the front Desk.
How to send <strong>child</strong> <b>the plane</b>
When registering and filling out appropriate paperwork, the airline representative takes the child by the hand and guides you through passport control out of turn. Such passengers are put on the plane first so nothing gets lost, and otherwise occupied - puzzles, toys, pencils, and markers. Children flying unaccompanied, with particular respect and attention of the stewardess asks if he wants something, again, fed, if a child is left hungry, calm and may even take on a tour of the cockpit. Upon landing, the kid comes off the plane first with the airline representative, who must personally hand in hand to convey his welcoming party. The questionnaire should be written, who are the people - family, friends, a representative of the camp. The child will be given only after presentation of the identity card and verification of all securities. If the meeting is delayed, the airline representative must contact the parents or the mourners and wait for the man. If the meeting is not at all, the child will be sent home on the next flight. Children up to 8-9 years is the support and attention of the staff of the airline is free to those who are older will have to pay $ 50 for a one-way trip.
How to send <strong>child</strong> <b>the plane</b>