You will need
  • - appeal to the court;
  • - visit to the Embassy.
By law, if the child leaves Russia with only one parent, the second resolution is not required. The relationship you can confirm via birth certificate. Accordingly, if you require a notarized consent of the father of the child, this requirement is illegal.
The legislation provides for the possibility for the father to arrange their official opposition to the removal of the child abroad. If you have any such situation, there can only sue to challenge the decision. There are precedents in which the court proven abuse of parental rights to the detriment of the child and permission to travel was obtained. If you have to go to court, make some arguments as to why the child needs this trip, you can contact your doctor for help.
If obstacles in the departure there remains the question of entry into the country in which you are going. If a visa is not required, the problems at the entrance should arise. But if she wants to make, often there is the need to obtain permission from the other parent. And the father of the child may not want to give it to you.One solution to this problem – again, court. Then your actions will be the same as in the situation of obtaining consent. However, for starters, you can try a method that is effective in some embassies. Collect documents for a visa, bring the divorce certificate. During a reception at the Embassy tell me that the baby's father, you don't see and find it does not seem possible. Perhaps you will meet, will be asked to write an application and issue a visa.
If the child's father isn't involved in his life, not visits him and does not pay child support, you have the opportunity to deprive him of parental rights and, thus, to get rid of problems related to travelling. After all, before the age of the child for such visits may not be one, so it's easier to solve the issue once and for all.