The bow of REP ribbons

REP ribbons tight enough, very convenient to operate. In addition, the finished product does not lose its shape for a long time.

For the manufacture of the bow-hair clips you will need:
- REP ribbon with a width of 1 and 2 cm;
- hairpin substrate;
- threads;
- scissors;
- hot glue gun or glue "Moment";
- a large bead or decorative button.

Prepare the Foundation. Reps from the thin ribbon cut a piece of length equal to the amount of pins plus 1 cm for the hem. Apply hot polymer clay onto the surface of the pins and glue it to the ribbon so that the edges remained in the 0.5 cm ribbon on the hem. These tips bend on the wrong side and glue.

From a more broad REP ribbon cut a piece with a length of approximately 10 cm. Fold both edges and connect the slices in the middle of the wrong part. Wrap the blank with thread in the middle, making 5-6 turns. Make a tack. Zadekorirovat this place a button or large bead.

Glue the bow to the barrette, while drip a drop of glue in the middle of the reverse side of the part and press it to the base. The edges of the ribbon sew the ribbon glued to the barrette, making a couple of secret stitches.

Hair clip flower organza

Spectacular and lush hair ornaments turn out, if you make them thin and wide organza ribbon. It will take 2.5 m of ribbon, scissors, lighter, thread, needle, base for hair clips, beautiful and large beads.

The edges of the ribbon over a lighter sear that while working they do not crumble. Fold the first petal. The tape edge fold at an angle of 45 degrees, the second side fold to the sections United. Fold the resulting triangles in the area of connection of the sections, flip the tape and do the same thing on the other side. Continue making petals until the end of the tape. To design together, attach each petal a tailor's pin.

String on a thread all the vertices of the triangles, pull and turn design work. Similarly fasten the corners located at the center of the figure. Pull the thread and secure the middle with a few stitches over the edge. Flower flip and press the top to the bottom. This place sew beautiful bead.

Attach a piece on the hairpin, but keep in mind that the larger the decoration, the larger should be the basis. Sew several stitches through the holes on the top of the clips in the middle and at the edges.