You will need
  • Bow any texture - satin, nylon smooth or corrugated.
An ordinary bow. For these purposes, best suited smooth nylon bows. First, the tail or pigtail, it is desirable to fix it with a scrunchie, but not very tight, as this may provoke hair loss. To tie the knot of the bow so that the right length of the bow was 3.5 parts, and to the left of 1.5. Fold the right edge of the bow is 3.5 times tie him short edge and spread. You get a lush bow, and cut the fabric a little long.
Ruffled bow. It is well recorded in the region of the node, and therefore this method is right for them best. You need to tie a bow on the head exactly in the middle one time when it tighten, then the remaining ends to tie the second time and also to tighten. Thus it is necessary to prevent loosened or weakened by the first node, which should again tighten up. Edge spread, which will result in a beautiful appearance of a bow.
The assembled bow. Both smooth and ruffled bow you can collect along the length of strong thread, tighten and sew the matching colour hair elastic. In this case, get ready bows elastic that hair care is much easier.
Assembled the bow with fishing line. Amazing look bows of this kind, which themselves are very extensive and beautiful. To do this, take the fabric from which to cut out a strip of the required width on the diagonal, neaten with a zigzag, inserting the edge of the line. The opposite edge to gather the threads hand or machine to sew the elastic. You get a very lush ready bows. Also edge can be a buttonhole lurex, which will give the bow a "gold" or "silver" glitter.
A satin ribbon. Tape like this texture very bad hold the double knots, but because for them is only valid a single. Original look of the ribbon tied in two ponytails, and no matter at what height. The ends of the strips should be very long and dangle. It is permissible to tie a ribbon to two sides different in color. Very interesting is the decision when to combine the two matching color ribbons, different texture (nylon and satin) or tape of the same material, but different in width.