You will need
  • Long and wide ribbon
  • Beyka
  • Opaque fabric for the lining
  • Fishing line along the length of the tape
  • Clip or elastic band
  • Hook
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Centimeter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • The button on the stem (bead)
  • Satin ribbon
  • A piece of cardboard
Take the treated ribbon or cut a strip of suitable material (nylon, organza, etc). To make the bow lush, broad (6 cm) and long strip (from 1 meter to 3 meters). If necessary, the panel its decorative binding on the sewing machine or vsheyte along one edge line for sustainability of the future bow.
Make place build a seam "forward a needle" on the edge of the web opposite the wire (the bake). It will yield 1-1. 5 cm Finished the last stitches as tight as you can tighten the thread tape will fit in a bow-socket. The line can make wave-like – then get decorating with interesting "petals". Sew from the wrong side of the bow-barrette clip or elastic band.
Fold the wide white transparent tape along a longitudinal line and route between the layers of the intermediate ribbon of colored opaque fabric. Collect the bow folds, prostracii them on the sewing machine.
Sew the two sides wide lace stripes decorative borders or tie the hook. Then draw a pencil with sartorial meter dotted along the median longitudinal line. Manually set the Assembly on the drawn mark and tighten the bow. Tie the finished ornament in the middle band of satin.
Take a strip of transparent fabric, length 3 meters and a width of 6 cm Fold on one edge of the triangle and secure it on top of the thread. Keep folding in triangles until you get all the tape. Sew in the centre of the beautiful button closure at leg bottom – elastic band or clip.
Make a template out of cardboard across the width of the future of the bow-hair clips (12-15 cm). Wrap it in a narrow satin ribbon, making another curl back to back with the previous one. Mark a line in the middle. Very carefully remove the swirls from the template and manually pull the string the bow on the Central line. Tie it satin or lace ribbon or sew to the center of the decorative button (bead). If desired, the top can attach a couple of ribbons of narrower strips of a different color and texture.