For making petals in the technique of kanzashi is the most used burner, sometimes used a candle flame or a lighter. This spike petal will be strong and durable, the flower is not disturbed form in case of accidental wetting. But not all fabrics lend themselves to melting, solder only artificial fabrics – satin, organza, etc. But in the technique of kanzashi citadele often uses natural fabrics such as silk. If you decide to make flower from silk in the technique of kanzashi – you can use glue.
Glue to create the petals should meet several requirements: long, dry, tightly seal the matter, not to spoil the fabric, not paint it in any color. Your work was neat, use transparent glue that dries in 2-5 minutes, for example – "the Crystal Point". With it, you can first pin the layers and curves of a petal, and then to estimate visually the resulting form, and if the result does not suit you, quickly alter. The advantage of this adhesive in the fact that he does not have a sharp unpleasant smell, as "Time Universal". Another advantage of glue "Moment Crystal" in that if accidentally splashed on the skin he easily drops down and does not cause irritation of the epidermis.
Apply glue to the petal you would prefer a toothpick or other small object. If you decide to squeeze the glue directly onto the workpiece petal, you risk not to calculate its amount, and the excess substance can stain work. You will be inconvenient to collect the flower if the base of each petal has dried lumps of glue, as the petals will not tightly adhere to each other, and will probably lean in different directions.
Use glue that dries instantly, for example by such means as a "great Moment" or "Extra glue", you can, when perfectly mastered the technique of kanzashi, and your actions will be accurate - every petal will be fully repeat the previous one. Note that after contact of the adhesive on the skin, it instantly glues adjoined fingers. Therefore, use the tweezers to hold the petal.
To fix the flower on a basis or for pasting the additional petals of the second tier, use hot glue. With this aim, purchase an electrical device in the form of a gun, into which are inserted rods of special glue. Insert the rod into the hole of the gun until it stops and turn on the device in the socket, after 5-7 minutes the adhesive will begin to flow out of the outlet hole. Pressing the trigger of the gun, squeeze a DAB of glue on the base of the petal and secure it in place. If the product is adhesive left from a specific thread, you can gently remove them by simply pulling up the one edge.
The hot glue cool down for 1-3 minutes. During this time he transformed into a transparent mass, resembling plastic. This glue is very durable, retains shape, but is used only for the Assembly of the composition and fixing the product. Uncomfortable to use hot glue when creating petals out of silk or other delicate fabrics, as the dried mass becomes dense and does not allow you to bend the workpiece lobe in the second and subsequent times, and in the technique of kanzashi petal folded more than once.