First you need to prepare all the documents that may be required for the purchase of the apartment. This, of course, your passport. If you acquire an apartment in a sole proprietorship and consists in this marriage, you will need a notary to execute a spousal consent to the purchase. If you acquire an apartment in equal shares with your spouse, be sure to bring the original marriage certificate.
On the day of the transaction or earlier, you need to pay state duty for registration of property rights. The amount depends on the number of participants of the transaction. Commonly practiced such a scheme: the state duty for registration of sale divided equally by the number of participants in the transaction. And state duty for registration of property rights paid by the buyer in full. Registration authorities need to provide copies and originals of paid receipts.
Not to doubt the cleanliness of the apartment, the day before the designated day to order an extract from the unified state register – an official document stating who and on what basis belongs to the apartment. Get it can the buyer without the knowledge of the seller. Only need a passport to go to the registration center and write a statement.
If you buy an apartment in the mortgage, you must provide the entire package: loan agreement, mortgage, certificates from the narcological and psychoneurological clinic that the sellers do not consist on the account in these institutions. Costs for obtaining certificates usually carry the buyers.
After the documents submitted for registration, you will receive a receipt that shows the list of received documents and the date of expiry of registration, when the seller will receive the document confirming his right of ownership. You will be given a contract of sale and the certificate and of the ownership right. Registration of the transaction takes 14 working days for registration of the apartment in a mortgage is 7 days. After this, the buyer becomes full owner of the apartment.