First of all you need to know in order to catch fish network officially, you must apply for a special license. Without it, such fishing is illegal in the case of the meeting with the inspectors as a water bailiff you will not only lose all of the fish themselves and the network, but will get a large fine.
If you have a license before fishing, you must better study the pond. What was the depth, bottom topography and whether there are cluttered areas, and areas with currents and holes. Does not hurt to know in advance from local fishermen availability of fish and its habitat.
If the bottom is clean, there are practically not encountered a viscous sediment, and riparian vegetation dominated by reeds and horsetail, the network must be placed close to the shore, wearing the special fishing overalls or pants from a suit of chemical protection. To put such a network it is desirable at early dawn in the period of maximum activity of predatory fish.
You can also set the network in a boat. It is necessary to find out in the water Cape. Step away from the Cape and begin production networks with two-meter depth perpendicular to the shore. In production networks it is necessary to consider the direction and speed of wind. A fish that walks along the shore, at the point of diffraction of the Cape, will be in the network. Experienced fishermen advise to put the network together - it's easier and more efficient.
If you select a network note that the most efficient is considered a network of nylon fishing line. They are practically invisible in the water, but they are quite difficult to put. Also they need properly stored. More simple variant - a network of nylon.
Today in the fishing stores you can find huge selection of various networks, which is not only experienced fishermen but also for Amateurs "network" of fishing.