You will need
  • - license for fishing nets
  • a good fish pond
  • boat (in some cases)
  • - rubberized suit (in some cases)
  • network
Network is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. Due to the species diversity of fish there are many types of networks and ways of their installation. The network can be located at the bottom (bottom), at depths in the water column and at the surface, along or at an angle to the line of the bottom. The network can be secured with anchors, (such networks are called stationary) and the other kind of networking - smooth, drifting. The first step is to choose the type of networks.
The second step is we need to decide what kind of network we need to deliver. For this we need to solve:

what kind of fish we want to catch;

- what size is the inlet where we plan to install a network;

how deep will be the site of performances of the network;

to determine the elevation of the reservoir bottom.
Then determine the characteristics of the network: length, height, mesh size, filament diameter. Length and height - the value is clear. But the mesh size depends upon the fish in the pond there. Fine-meshed network (a network with a mesh of less than 20 mm) are used to catch valuable small fish, or for catching a large number of baitfish.
The most common mesh in Russia 27-32 mm. Often in such networks caught perch, roach, sometimes a small pike. If the mesh is medium in size, it will produce carp and skimmers.

Well, for the larger fish need a coarse network, with the step of 120-140 mm.
Normally the network is installed with boats and other watercraft. Put the network as one (first rows, then straightens tackle) or together (single oars, the second directly sets the network).

If the pond that you come to go fishing, you can try to put szabadka. However, in this case you will need additional equipment in the form of high wading boots (saratnikov), or a rubberized suit-jumpsuit.
You can put the network and one. Gently spread out the net on the shore, fasten one end of the network on the shore, and to the other end tie a heavy load. Then the cargo is carried into the pond, pulling over a network. Way is not convenient and unreliable, the upper and lower cords can easily overlap, and have to pull in the net and do it all over again, frightening the fish by the splash of the goods.
Ways of setting the network listed, select, and fishing.
Before you go fishing using nets, please specify fishing Regulations of your region article concerning fishing network tools.