Buy shop for fishing a piece of setepolotna required size. The size of the cells should be chosen depending on the type of fish you intend to catch.
Prepare a reinforcing rod with a diameter of 3-5 mm, for fishing in the river you may want a rod with a diameter of 1 cm setepolotna Spread on a large surface. Note the extreme cells on both sides with duct tape or rope (consider allowances for 2-3 cell on the mount). Calculate the number of cells in length, mark the middle. Put up a distance equal to the height of the "scarf . Consider the distance of the cell bottom mid cell should be directly under the top. Take a sharp scissors and cut off the corner edges of the gusset plate from the top to the edge cells on both sides. Each subsequent row must be greater than the previous two cells, one on each side. You should have a triangular canvas with equal sides.
Apply to the ends of the reinforcement rod deep scoring with a chisel at a distance of 2 cm (5-6 pieces). Insert all the cells with the lower edge of setepolotna strong nylon thread. Fasten the thread on the lateral notches of the armature reliable nodes so as to form a small slack 4-6cm network edge. The thread should pass parallel to the valve without twisting.
Divide the length of the lower edge of the network fabric into four equal parts, mark the cell. Attach the nylon thread in these cells to the reinforcing rod, respectively.
Pass into the cells of one side "of the gusset plate prosilio (thick fishing line or nylon rope) up. Then thread the same prosilio on the other side down. Prailine secure the reinforcement rod in the mounting space bottom edge on both sides. Prailine must pass through every cell of setepolotna up and down. On top of "scarves need to leave 8-10 cm prozhiliny to create loops attaching. Pulling and stretching setepolotna on the side broiling "scarves , you should be able to get the required height (about 0.85 times the total height of the network fabric). This provides a small slack side to fish more confused in the tackle.
Tighten the top loop mount "scarves a simple knot.